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Help your leaders emerge on LinkedIn

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Would you like to put out your founder and leadership team’s ideas or other leadership so they can champion causes or issues that are important to your company, your industry or society in general?

At Story Jungle, we've designed a program to get your leaders active and influential, whatever their level of engagement on the platforms.  
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Turn your executives into leaders who matter in your sector

LinkedIn has become a conversational platform on which the opinions of decision-makers are forged. The question is no longer whether to take part in this conversation, but who should do so within your company, and how. The problem is, it's not always easy to get your executives active and engaged on the platforms.

That's what our Leader Advocacy program is all about. We support your leaders in establishing their image, asserting their opinions, becoming active on the networks, and influencing and inspiring your ecosystem.

Market insights

25 %
Only 25 % of young talent say their organization's leaders are engaged, passionate and inspire employees (McKinsey, 2023).
50 %
of a company's overall image is directly linked to that of its CEO (source: Burson-Marsteller, 2020).
90 %
of B2B decision-makers say they refer to the opinions of people they recognize as influential, and that these influence their purchasing decisions (source: Edelman - LinkedIn, 2021).

Why use Story Jungle?

expertise LinkdIn
We are one of only 12 LinkedIn partners worldwide, and the only one in France!
expertise audiences premium et B2B
We support dozens of CAC 40 leaders in their LinkedIn strategy.
vos cibles sont exigeantes
Are your targets demanding? Are your subjects complex? Do you face multiple constraints? Then we're the agency for you!

These companies have put their trust in us:

Like them, make your executives stand out on LinkedIn

BNP paribas

Help your executives influence and inspire your ecosystem

Designing content for an executive is not the same as producing content for others:

You need to know and follow the market, master your company's positioning, build and develop a list of convictions, then detect the weak signals in the market that validate these convictions... so you can offer original, timely analyses.

In mountaineering, we say that you have to "make the trail".

Let's battle against lukewarm content together. Don't let your leaders follow the trend, help them create their own. And Story Jungle will be their ideal partner in this fight!
  • Help your leaders create a powerful, effective editorial line and forge their convictions.
  • Involve them via flexible processes that take into account their bandwidth.
  • Support them in producing high-impact content.
  • Amplify the reach of their posts via specific and tremendously effective advertising formats.

Our Leader Advocacy program

We support you every step of the way in setting up a Leader Advocacy program.

Linkedin strategy

Linkedin strategy

We co-construct your leader advocacy strategy in line with your editorial pillars, priority targets and objectives.

Coaching & Support

We train your leaders on the LinkedIn platform and offer them support calls to help them perform better on the platform.
Content production

Content production

We can produce your leaders' content using flexible, proven processes (in line with their bandwidth), with the aim of asserting their convictions. In addition to posts, we can create high-impact content (videos, newsletters, lives).


Drawing on our expertise as LinkedIn's content partner, we can help you publicize your leaders' posts, notably via Thought Leader Ads.
Network development & statistics

Network development & statistics

We can support your leaders in the development of their LinkedIn network (via various tools). We also measure and analyze the impact of the program on the leader's community.
CEO, President: tailor-made support

CEO, President: tailor-made support

We offer flexible, tailor-made support for your company's strategic leaders - contact us to find out more.


What is a leader advocacy program?

Leader advocacy is the effort to influence corporate leaders, using their position and authority to champion causes, policies or issues that are important to their company, their industry or society in general.

What are the benefits of a leader advocacy program?

A leader advocacy program offers many advantages. It enhances your brand's credibility and influence by showcasing your leaders and their knowledge. It helps generate quality content and establish your company as a reliable source of information. What's more, it can boost employee engagement by involving them in the company's communication and promotion. Finally (and most importantly?), a leader advocacy program helps strengthen your employer brand.

How can Story Jungle help me set up a leadership advocacy program?

As an agency specializing in content creation, Story Jungle can help you set up a leadership advocacy program. We can help you identify the most relevant internal leaders, develop a communications strategy tailored to your company, create engaging content for your leaders, train them in communications best practices and measure the results of your program.

Can you produce content for our leaders?

Yes, Story Jungle can handle the monitoring and production of posting content. But we can also produce high-impact content: videos, LinkedIn newsletters, LinkedIn lives, podcasts...

What types of content can be shared as part of a leader advocacy program?

For a leader advocacy program, we recommend that you produce two types of content: News posts about your company (a deal, an internal or external event, a partnership, a CSR initiative, etc.), posts of opinion, sector analysis, points of view... aimed at highlighting the convictions of your leaders. We recommend a 25% (news) / 75% (opinion) split.

How can I encourage my leaders to actively participate in a leader advocacy program?

The active participation of your leaders is essential to the success of the program. You can involve them by showing them the benefits of being ambassadors for your company, providing them with the resources they need to create and share content, recognizing their contribution and encouraging them to interact with their audience. Make sure you give them the support and freedom to express their voice and share their ideas.

How do you measure the results of a leader advocacy program?

The results of a leader advocacy program can be measured using a variety of KPIs. These can include the number of shares and mentions, engagement generated by leader content, increased brand visibility, media impact, business opportunities generated by leader interactions, etc. Story Jungle can help you set up measurement tools and evaluate the impact of your program.

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