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Story Jungle boosts your visibility and impact on the leading professional network

LinkedIn strategy: Boost your visibility and impact on the leading professional network

Do you want to start a conversation with your professional targets? Attract new talent? Find new customers?

To stand out from the noise, you need to establish a powerful LinkedIn strategy to make your company a reference on the LinkedIn platform.

Story Jungle, France’s only Linkedin content partner, and one of 12 worldwide partners, guides you in designing and implementing strategies that make a difference.  
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Get out of the noise of timelines

LinkedIn is more than just a social network: it's a conversational platform where companies can interact with all their targets, position themselves as opinion leaders, find customers and recruit talent. But emerging on LinkedIn is becoming a real challenge. Developing your subscriber base and audience engagement requires a well-rounded strategy.

Story Jungle has devised a proven and highly effective methodology for designing a LinkedIn strategy that takes full advantage of the platform's possibilities and optimizes cost/result ratios for all your objectives. This applies to all your LinkedIn channels: company page, leader and employee advocacy…

Market insights

27 M
members are registered on LinkedIn in France in. All your targets are on LinkedIn!
(LinkedIn, 2023)


LinkedIn is the 2nd most important social network for community managers.
(BDM, 2023)
85 %
of B2B decision-makers in France are present on LinkedIn
(McKinsey, 2023)

Why work with Story Jungle ?

LinkedIn expertise
We are one of only 12 LinkedIn partners worldwide, and the only one in France!
We produce a newsletter 100% dedicated to LinkedIn, with +10,000 professional subscribers.
We support a large number of large corporations and SMEs in optimizing their LinkedIn strategies.

These clients have put their trust in us

Like them, you can boost the impact of your LinkedIn page.

BNP Paribas

Faites jaillir vos contenus des timelines LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become the primary channel for engaging with professional audiences, both internal and external.

Optimizing your LinkedIn strategy will help you achieve greater impact, whatever your objectives.

Story Jungle supports you throughout your implementation: from strategy design to content production and media coverage.
  • Revamp your LinkedIn page (objectives, targets, key messages...).

  • Develop your community of subscribers and extend your influence.

  • Discuss with your corporate audiences: opinion leaders, B2B prospects or customers, talent, employees...

  • Emerge from the noise of timelines and generate real engagement.

  • Measure the impact of your optimized LinkedIn strategy.

Our support for your LinkedIn strategy

We provide you with all the available LinkedIn tools and tactics:

LinkedIn strategy

LinkedIn strategy

From market analysis to the design of your organic or advertising production, we help you develop a LinkedIn strategy aligned with your objectives, targets and key messages. We leverage every tactic and every format, thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the platform and its tools.

LinkedIn Ads / LinkedIn campaigns

Drawing on our expertise as a LinkedIn content partner, we can help you create LinkedIn Ads campaigns, and mediatize your posts to reach a wider, more relevant audience.
Content production

Content production

We can help you create a library of memorable formats (original formats that convey your messages). We can also produce your own content, whether it's a common thread or high-impact content (LinkedIn newsletter, lives, video series, etc.).
Newsletter LinkedIn

LinkedIn newsletter

Story Jungle helps you design and position your LinkedIn newsletter, we can also help you produce your newsletters at the pace determined during the design phase. The LinkedIn newsletter is one of the most powerful formats on the platform in terms of reach and engagement.
LinkedIn live

LinkedIn Live

We help you design, produce, optimize and animate your live event: angle, guests, lineup & agenda, marketing actions to optimize the audience during the live broadcast.
Leader advocacy sur LinkedIn

Leader advocacy

You want to get your leaders active and influential on LinkedIn ? We co-construct your leader advocacy strategy in line with your editorial pillars, priority targets and objectives.
Employee advocacy

Employee advocacy

Your collaborators' pages can be very effective relays. We support you in the design of an employee advocacy program as well as in monitoring and producing content to support it.
Social selling sur LinkedIn

Social selling

In B2B, many deals start with a comment on LinkedIn. We help your salespeople to prospect on LinkedIn, whether or not they have a Sales Navigator license.

Employer branding / Recruitment on LinkedIn

Is your goal on LinkedIn to attract new talent? We develop an employer branding strategy on LinkedIn and assist you in designing recruitment tactics (both organic and paid).

LinkedIn training

If necessary, we train your teams to maximize their effectiveness on LinkedIn, whether it's managing your organic production or creating advertising campaigns via Campaign Manager.


Do you have a particular method for establishing a LinkedIn strategy?

Yes, "content framework". In workshops based on design thinking techniques, we work together to determine your objectives, targets, messages, tactics, governance and KPIs.

What is your scope of intervention?

We design a global LinkedIn strategy for all your LinkedIn channels: group pages, showcase pages, leader advocacy, ambassador program, employee advocacy.

Training, media coverage... is all your support mandatory?

No, we tailor our support to your needs. The important thing is to establish a powerful LinkedIn strategy.

Do your strategies take into account all LinkedIn formats?

Yes, the best selection of the platform's organic or advertising formats, depending on the needs of the strategy. As a LinkedIn partner, we systematically pilot new LinkedIn formats. We are often the first to exploit them on the market.

Does the strategy include advertising?

Yes. We firmly believe that the right approach on LinkedIn is a hybrid of organic publishing and advertising.

Is your offer suitable for all types of company?

Yes, for large accounts, ETIs and SMEs. We have several support formulas to take into account the variety of internal contexts and objectives to be achieved.

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