LinkedIn training :
Gain power on the platform!

LinkedIn training : Gain power on the platform!

Do you want to establish or strengthen your company's reputation in your market? Develop  your marketing messages? Are you a B2B company looking for new customers? Then communicating on LinkedIn has become indispensable.

At Story Jungle, we've put together a comprehensive LinkedIn training course to help your employees become champions of the platform.
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Train your employees, boost your visibility and lead acquisition on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the must-have professional social network, but many companies are struggling to exploit its full potential to achieve their visibility and lead generation objectives. Their employees are not active enough on the platform.

Here’s the essential solution: train your staff and help them tame LinkedIn. The objective? Raise your brand’s visibility, define your key messages and attract new customers.

Market Insights

On LinkedIn, profiles engage audiences up to 8 times more than company pages.
90 %
of marketing strategies will incorporate large-scale Employee Advocacy programs by the end of 2023 (Gartner).
Leads developed through an Employee Advocacy program convert 7 times more.

Why choose Story Jungle ?

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We're one of only 12 LinkedIn partners worldwide, and the only one in France!
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We produce a newsletter 100% dedicated to LinkedIn, with over 10,000 professional subscribers.
expertise audiences premium et B2B
We support dozens of employees and leaders of the CAC 40 in their LinkedIn strategy.

They've put their trust in us

Like them, learn how to boost your employees' visibility and lead acquisition on LinkedIn.


Train your employees, your leaders
your sales representatives

At Story Jungle, we've developed tailor-made LinkedIn training to help your employees develop and engage their community on the platform.

As one of only 12 LinkedIn content partners worldwide, our expertise enables us to turn your employees into LinkedIn champions and effective ambassadors for your company.

And build their LinkedIn following.
  • Help your employees master today's LinkedIn best practices.
  • Increase your presence on the platform tenfold.
  • Engage your communities, personify your expertise.
  • Help your leaders create a punchy, effective editorial line.
  • Establish their LinkedIn Platform.
  • Help your sales representatives generate opportunities through social selling.

Our LinkedIn training

We've created 3 offerings tailored to you and your organization.

employee advocacy

Employee Advocacy

  • Module #1 : Engaging your community on LinkedIn
  • Content adapted to internal processes and tools
  • Possibility of in-house replay
  • Virtual or hybrid live masterclass

Leader advocacy

  • Module #1 : Engaging your community on LinkedIn
  • Module #2 : Become influential on LinkedIn
  • Support calls with your ambassadors
socail selling

Social Selling

  • Module #3 : Prospecting on LinkedIn
  • 2 module versions: with or without Sales Navigator license
  • Support calls with your sales reps.


What our LinkedIn training consists of:

Our LinkedIn training is designed to help companies take full advantage of the LinkedIn platform and develop an effective strategy. We cover best practices, key LinkedIn features, and steps for creating an optimized profile.

We help your sales reps establish an effective social selling strategy. And your leaders, to optimize their share of voice on key topics. We help your employees develop effective LinkedIn practices.

What are the benefits of LinkedIn training for companies?

LinkedIn training offers many advantages for companies. It raises brand visibility and strengthens credibility with the professional network. It also facilitates the establishment of solid professional relationships, the expansion of the network of contacts and the discovery of new business opportunities. By using LinkedIn effectively, companies can spread their messages, accelerate growth and gain access to a network of qualified professionals.

How can Story Jungle help me develop an editorial strategy for LinkedIn?

We have several programs to help you design and implement your LinkedIn strategy. These include LinkedIn training courses. Contact us to find out more.

Are Story Jungle training courses eligible for a training budget?

Yes, Story Jungle has a trainer license number.

Can LinkedIn training be tailored to our specific needs?

Yes, the training includes a preparation phase during which consists of a discussion to help adapt the training priorities and materials.

How does LinkedIn training work?

Depending on the module chosen, the training takes place over one or two-hour sessions, during which our trainer will introduce you to the main features of the platform, before guiding you in the strategy you wish to develop with your employees.

Is LinkedIn training suitable for SMEs?

Of course, the LinkedIn training offered by Story Jungle is tailor-made to suit the variety of your needs, whether employee advocacy, ambassador programs or social selling.

Where does LinkedIn training take place?

Depending on your availability and the number of participants, training can take place online or on your company's premises.

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