Story Jungle, one of LinkedIn's 10 Content Partners worldwide

Story Jungle, one of LinkedIn's 10 Content Partners worldwide

In 2018, Story Jungle was invited to join LinkedIn's select group of only 10 certified Content Partners worldwide. This is in recognition of the agency's expertise in the production of high-quality editorial content for premium audiences and the B2B sector.
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Exclusive insight into LinkedIn data

Story Jungle benefits from specialist training, exclusive insight into LinkedIn data, access to new features launched and tested in pilot mode (such as Series, Live...), to its special reports and R&D briefings. Story Jungle has a specialist team dedicated to leveraging maximum potential from the LinkedIn platform. 

The Content Partner Program was launched by LinkedIn to help companies around the world create content that truly resonates with their target audiences. By combining the strength of more than 650 million LinkedIn members with the vast experience and talent of leading content agencies, the program ensures that highly targeted and personalized content is created for each user. The content developed and optimized by LinkedIn partners has an engagement rate 3 times higher than the average.

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