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Our services

Our Services
As the leading Content Marketing agency for premium audiences and the B2B sector, we have constructed our strategy around 5 pillars.
Monitoring and detection
of innovative editorial strategies
Story Jungle seeks out, deciphers and tests innovative new editorial strategies from around the world, particularly via its media outlet. We publish regular Trendbooks, sector benchmarks, conduct Weak Signal detection and surveys to determine the best editorial angles in specific markets.
Content Framework
(editorial strategy)
Story Jungle has developed its own unique methodology to help brands build their editorial framework for their content marketing campaigns. The aim is to establish a series of goals for your content program. Specifically, its objectives, targets, buyer journeys and distribution tactics, storytelling and editorial grid, governance and processes and measurement indicators.

Constructed with a Design Thinking approach, our Content Framework is based on a series of interviews and workshops with key brand stakeholders, building internal consensus behind an editorial strategy which will hit your business and marketing goals and… is never boring.
Thought leadership
and Inbound marketing
The objective here is to take Share of Voice, or even to set the agenda and lead the conversation in your market. We help you zero in on the opinions that you wish to leverage, and formulate the language that will express those views in a clear and powerful way.
We help you demonstrate your sectorial expertise by showcasing your experts and ambassadors – simultaneously humanizing your brand
We support your Vice Presidents and top sellers and grow the reach of their influence, particularly by leveraging the power of the LinkedIn platform, to ensure they become a leading voice in the market – to hit thought leadership or social selling goals.
Lead generation, social selling,
and Account-Based Marketing(ABM)
We put together comprehensive and detailed content marketing programs that will drive lead generation, using a variety of tactics tailor-made for each distribution channel.
As one of LinkedIn's 10 Content Partners worldwide, we develop innovative social selling strategies, leveraging your top sellers’ influence, and which can be built around an ABM approach to target your priority prospects.

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